A Comprehensive Guide on How to Play 8 Ball Game Pigeon

  • Mulki Sulaeman
  • Aug 01, 2023
A Comprehensive Guide on How to Play 8 Ball Game Pigeon

Overview of 8 Ball Game Pigeon

If you’re someone who loves playing games on their phone, then you must have come across the 8 Ball Game Pigeon. The 8 Ball Game Pigeon is a simple game that is easy to play yet loaded with a lot of fun. It is available on the Apple iMessage platform and can be downloaded easily from the App Store.

The objective of the 8 Ball Game Pigeon is simple, to pot all your balls and then the black ball before your opponent does. The game is based on the traditional version of billiards with some modifications. It is a great way to have fun with friends and family and can be played anytime and anywhere.

The game is designed for 2 players who can compete with each other in real-time. The gameplay is simple with a virtual cue stick that you can move around to aim and shoot the ball. The game is designed to be played on a small screen, which makes it a great way to kill time while traveling or waiting for your appointment.

If you’re new to the game, then don’t worry, it is easy to learn. The 8 Ball Game Pigeon comes with tutorials that will teach you the basics of the game. Once you have mastered the basics, you can compete with your friends and family.

The game offers several game modes that you can choose from, such as the Classic mode, where you play against an opponent until one of you pots all the balls, or the Time Trial mode, where you have to finish the game within a given time. There is also an Arcade mode that offers different challenges that you can complete to earn coins.

To make the game more exciting, you can use emojis to communicate with your opponent, such as thumbs up or sad faces when you win or lose. You can also customize the table and cue stick with different designs to make the game more interesting.

In conclusion, the 8 Ball Game Pigeon is a fun and addictive game that you can play with your friends and family. It is easy to learn and can be played on the go. The game offers different game modes and customization options that make it more interesting. So, download the game today and have a ball with your loved ones.

Starting a Game

In order to start a friendly game of 8 Ball with your friends, you need to have the Game Pigeon app installed on your iPhone or iPad. Once you have it, open iMessage and tap on the App Store icon. Search for Game Pigeon and download the app. Once installed, you can start a game by selecting the Game Pigeon icon and choosing “8 Ball”.

After selecting the 8 Ball option, you will be asked to choose a friend to send the game to. Simply select the friend you want to play with and send the message. Once your friend receives it, they will be prompted to accept the game request and start the game.

It is important to note that you will need to have an active internet connection to play the game.


8 Ball game pigeon is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the fun of pool right on your phone. The game follows the traditional 8 Ball pool rules and can be played with friends or strangers within the iMessage app on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s a breakdown of how to play 8 Ball game pigeon:

1. The first step is to decide who will go first. You can flip a virtual coin to determine who breaks first. The player who wins the coin toss gets to break first. Breaking refers to hitting the cue ball with your pool stick so that it scatters the other balls around the table.

2. Once you have established the order of play, players then take turns trying to pot their striped or solid balls and, ultimately, the black ball. If a player successfully pots a ball, they get an additional turn.

3. If the player accidentally pots one of their opponent’s balls, this is called a foul and the opponent gets a free shot. During a free shot, the opponent is allowed to place the cue ball anywhere on the table before taking a shot. If the cue ball doesn’t touch any other ball during a shot, that too is a foul.

4. Once all of the striped or solid balls have been potted, players then focus on potting the black ball to win the game. However, if a player pots the black ball prematurely, they automatically lose the game.

5. If a player runs out of time or disconnects during the game, they automatically lose. The winner gets to collect coins or points depending on the set stakes to buy and unlock new cues and tables that have different attributes in terms of shot performance.

Overall, the gameplay of 8 Ball game pigeon is both challenging and addictive. By following these simple rules, you’ll be sure to have a great time while playing. Play smart, and aim carefully to pocket all of your assigned balls and eventually the black ball!

Rules and Tips

8 Ball Game Pigeon is a popular mobile game that has brought a new twist to the traditional pool game by enhancing the gaming experience with better graphics, quick and snappy maneuvering, and an easy-to-use interface. Here are some rules and tips on how to play 8 Ball Game Pigeon:

1. Calling the Shots:

Calling your shots is the most crucial rule in 8 Ball Game Pigeon. It means that before you take your shot, you need to specify which ball you’re aiming for. If you sink a ball without calling your shot, it will not count, and your opponent will have the chance to take over. You can call your shot verbally or by using the chatbox feature in the game.

If you accidentally call the wrong shot, you can cancel it before taking your turn by tapping the undo button. Similarly, if you notice your opponent is not following this rule, then you can address them and ask them to follow the rules. Calling your shots ensures that both players play fair and that no one has an unfair advantage over the other.

2. Touching the Black Ball:

The black ball should be the last ball to be sunk, and you cannot touch it before your turn. If you sink it prematurely, you will lose the game. This rule applies even if it’s done accidentally. It’s crucial to use your cue ball to move the black ball into the pocket and to be careful around it at all times.

If you’re uncertain which ball to aim for and think that you may accidentally sink the black ball, you can opt to play safe by tapping the safety button. It will give up your turn in exchange for moving the cue ball to a safer position for the next turn.

3. Using Spin and Angle:

Spin and angle are two essential components to master 8 Ball Game Pigeon. They enable you to control the movement of your cue ball and sink balls that are hard to reach. To use Spin, swipe left or right from the cue ball and to adjust the angle, swipe up or down.

For example, suppose you need to sink a ball that is in a tight corner, and there’s no direct shot available. You can use spin to create an angle that allows you to hit the ball indirectly. Similarly, if you’re playing a bank shot, you can use your angle feature to identify the best angle for sinking your ball.

In conclusion, these rules and tips will help you master 8 Ball Game Pigeon and enjoy the game without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. Calling your shots, avoiding touching the black ball, and using spin and angle will put you in control of the game and give you the upper hand. So, let the games begin!

Scoring and Winning the Game

If you want to learn how to play 8 Ball Game Pigeon and become the next pool shark, then understanding the scoring system and the ways to win the game is essential. 8 Ball is a classic billiards game that is easy to learn but takes a lot of practice to master. In this article, we’ll go over the scoring system and the rules for winning the game.

8 Ball game is played with 16 balls, including a cue ball and 15 object balls that are split into two groups, solid and stripes. The goal of the game is to pocket all of your designated object balls and then pocket the 8 ball to win. The first player or team to do this wins the game.

  • Solids: Balls numbered 1 through 7
  • Stripes: Balls numbered 9 through 15

When it is your turn, you must hit one of your designated object balls first and then pocket any ball on the table. If you fail to do so, your turn is over, and your opponent gets to take their turn. If you pocket one of your opponent’s balls, it’s still their turn, and they get to choose which group of balls they want to play with.

Once you’ve sunk all of your designated balls, you can now legally pocket the 8 ball to win the game. However, if you pocket the 8 ball prematurely before clearing all of your designated object balls, then you lose the game.

If you accidentally pocket the 8 ball while trying to pocket one of your designated object balls, then your turn is over, and your opponent gets to take their turn. However, you don’t lose the game unless you’ve already sunk all of your assigned balls.

If both players or teams have cleared all of their designated object balls and are now playing for the win with the 8 ball, then all other balls on the table become neutral balls. This means that any player can legally pocket any ball without penalty.

In conclusion, while it’s easy to learn how to play 8 Ball Game Pigeon, understanding the scoring system and rules for winning the game requires practice and strategic planning. Remember to always aim for your designated object ball first, sink them all, and then go for the big win with the 8 ball. Good luck and have fun playing!

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